GradLeaders 1st with MBA CSEA Compliance for All 3 Reporting Standards


GradLeaders is now the only technology vendor fully compliant for Full-time, Part-time and Specialty Masters MBA CSEA Edition V.I. (aka V6) Standards Reporting.

MBA CSEA Standards Compliant FT PT MS

The easy-to-use MBA CSEA employment reporting tools within the GradLeaders Career Center platform are designed to save graduate business schools time collecting student and aggregate level employment data then producing reports to ensure peer schools, prospective students and the media have accurate and comparable employment information.

Founded in 1994, the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA) is the premier provider of education, information and expertise for the support and development of individuals in the MBA and other graduate business career management and employment professions. Owned and copyrighted by MBA CSEA, the Standards ensure peer schools, prospective students and the media have accurate and comparable employment information from graduate business schools. They provide a platform by which business schools can capture, analyze and distribute employment information about graduating students, allowing schools to present consistent and comparable data to internal and external stakeholders.

GradLeaders makes it easy for students to report offers and employment data to their b-school.  Students start by responding to a single question about their overall job reporting status, and then are stepped through additional screens based on their responses.  While schools have a great deal of flexibility in terms of the number and content of the entry screens, the process typically ends with job offer screens where students enter the critical information about their job offers and acceptance.

GradLeaders Career Center users have access to full view and edit capabilities for all employment reporting data provided by students or may input the data themselves if their business process allows for it.  Admin users may also run a variety of reports as needed, including dozens of variations of salary/bonus reports, source of offers, job status reports, and more.  Additionally, there are comprehensive data exports available so that administrators can take the data out of GradLeaders Career Center and manipulate as needed.

The team at GradLeaders, an industry leading career services management technology provider, has served the graduate business school market for over three decades. GradLeaders is the result of a merger between two market leaders in 2015: MBA Focus and CSO Research. GradLeaders is proud to still be the industry leader in MBA career services and MBA student recruitment, a 20+ year partner with MBA CSEA, and original sponsor of their first MBA CSEA event in San Diego, California in 1994.

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