GradLeaders Recruiting FAQs

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by recruiters, employers, marketers, talent acquisition teams and other human resources professionals looking to purchase and implement the GradLeaders Recruiting platform.

Q: Why should I search for candidates instead of letting interested candidates apply to jobs?

A: By just posting and hoping for right-fit candidates to apply to your jobs you’re missing out on some of the best-fit candidates who might not even realize this job is perfect for them. Instead, search for candidates you have the skills, education, experiences and career preferences that match your opportunity.

Q: How much time does it take to find right-fit candidates?

A: Minutes. Just add relevant search criteria from a single screen then simply click “View Results” to access a shortlist based on your criteria.

Q: How current is your student data?

A: Profile and resume data is refreshed in real-time as students register with their career center for advising appointments, recruiting events, workshops, and as they search for internships or jobs on their school-branded job board.

Q: What schools in our region use your platform?

A: GradLeaders partners with school all around the world. Plus we also work with professional associations who have student members from various schools not partnered with GradLeaders. We also gather geographic experience and preference data from students so you can find students who want to return home or move to other parts of the world. Contact us for a full list or quick demonstration.

Q: What is the student usage percentage or our partners?

A: Student usage varies per type of school or career center. But our top schools who offer end-to-end career services and follow our best practices have 92% engagement rates at 4-year schools, 67% at 2-year schools, 73% at experiential learning programs, and 91% at graduate schools.

Q: How does the alumni data get updated?

A: Graduates can log back into their school’s career center platform as alumni to update their job-seeker profile and resume at anytime.

Q: How far back does the alumni data go?

A: 10+ years depending on the school and last login date. Each school’s alumni career service office has control plus we remove stale alumni who haven’t updated their profile/resume.

Q: How does this help me with my diversity needs?

A: You can not only target candidates based on inherent diversity via club membership searches like African American, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Women in Business, and Native American clubs. But you can also target candidates with more acquired diverse backgrounds by searching talent pools with more diverse curriculums, geographic regions, varied admissions practices, neurodiversity, or military backgrounds. GradLeaders not only partners with colleges and universities but also diversity Associations like Forte Foundation, The Consortium, and Reaching Out.

Q: Are you able to integrate any other software/systems within your platform?

A: Yes. We offer job feed integrations, CRM integrations, ATS integrations as well as other one-off HR tech integrations.

Q: How long does it take to implement?

A: There is no implementation, just 1 hour-long training call.

Q: How quickly can we get access and start searching/posting?

A: Almost immediately if needed. But in general, users get access within 48 hours of signing.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Pricing is based off the number of users you want to have access to the platform.

Q: Who else is currently using this software?

A: All sizes and types of employers in various industries use GradLeaders Recruiting, including Vanguard, Church & Dwight, Nationwide, Hyatt, Molson Coors and many more.

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