5 Easy-to-Accomplish New Year’s Resolutions for Interns

New Years Resolutions for Interns

With New Year’s quickly approaching, many students find themselves thinking of what resolution they can aim for this year. While the first thought is usually fitness and health-related resolutions, interns should also be making New Year’s resolutions that can drastically improve their internship experience.

Create Designated Times to Work and Communicate

Many employers are offering remote opportunities. This results in flexibility for interns to complete their work. To stay organized, create designated time slots throughout the day for work. It could be a good idea to leave your cell phone in a different room during the designated time slots. Setting aside 10-15 minutes to reply to emails when you are not in your designated time slot helps show your employer that you are staying engaged throughout the day. They will also appreciate timely communication.

Create Relationships with Coworkers

It can be easy for interns to feel intimidated. Being engaged is one way to gain confidence at work. One way to create engagement is to write down notes. You can take notes about what people are working on or what they are doing in their personal lives. Following up with them later in the week shows you value what they are involved with. This also creates an opportunity to show you care about them as a person and not just a coworker. You can also note what questions you have that you can ask your coworker or supervisor later. This shows initiative and you become more familiar with the business. If meetings are virtual, join Zoom calls with your camera on, participate with an appropriate appearance, and eliminate outside distractions to help stay engaged and interactive.

Schedule Time for Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important elements interns should be seeking. Feedback helps promote personal and professional growth. One-on-ones with your supervisor may have already been scheduled and are part of your weekly routine. If they aren’t reach out to your supervisor today. Another way to receive feedback is by reaching out to other coworkers and asking them for feedback. Feedback increases employee engagement and company productivity.

Say Yes

Be open to what is asked of you. By being willing to take on new challenges, you are helping create an environment where it is safe to take risks. Being an intern is a great time to take a chance and get out of your comfort zone. If you get stuck, reach out to your coworkers. Even though the task may take you twice as long as it would take one of your coworkers, you are learning new skills that are beneficial for you and for the business. Your coworkers are there for you and want to help you succeed.

Meal Prep

You never want to be the intern that runs and hides the second you can take your lunch break. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with coworkers. During the weekends, you should complete your grocery shopping for the week. Over the weekend, meal prepping will save you an extreme amount of time throughout the week. This is a great opportunity to incorporate a healthy New Year’s resolution. Meal prepping also saves you time and money by not having to run and pick something up on your lunch break. Instead, packing a lunch that is readily available will give you more time to stop into your coworker’s office and catch up.

Following these New Year’s resolutions will improve your internship experience as well as your employers’ experience with you. Do you need help getting organized and maximizing your internship experience? Tell your employer to check out our Intern Management System to help you and your employer get the most out of your internship.