Chat Channels to Increase Engagement via Virtual Conversations and Live Q&A

GradLeaders Chat Channels

With GradLeaders new Chat Channels feature, users can have virtual conversations or ask career-related questions and get answers from specific groups of students, interns, alumni, or staff. They will also receive targeted email notifications from any Chat Channels they are a member of, for example:

  • Resume, Cover Letter or Interview Advice
  • Virtual Career Fair Best Practices & Tips
  • Members of Specific Student Clubs or Professional Associations
  • Interns with Specific Companies
  • Job Sharing Groups
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Incoming Freshmen
  • Graduation Reminders
  • Summer Break Social Networking
  • Alumni Mentoring Groups
  • Students in Specific Programs, Majors, or Locations
    … but the possibilities are endless!

Administrator users can also control which channels are made publicly and privately available to specific subsets of users.

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