Top 12 Alexa Skills for Students

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Amazon Echo devices and the Alexa voice-prompt assistant gives students the freedom to access information, learn new skills, and complete tasks in a hands-free manner. This device makes it easier to connect with others, learn about new opportunities, prioritize tasks, and manage time. Here are the top 12 skills to help college students make the most of their time at school and improve their chances of landing their dream job upon graduation:  

  1. Find jobs that match your career goals: “Alexa, open Career Advisor.”

If you’re just beginning your job search or looking to switch careers, Alexa’s Career Advisor skill is a great place to start. She will ask you a series of 26 questions to help determine your career preferences. By rating each question one through five, Alexa will compile a list of occupations that best fit you. 

  1. Find jobs near you: “Alexa, find me a job.” 

This job search skill is powered by CareerOneStops’s Job Finder. Job Finder will start off by asking your location preferences and your preferred job title. Then, Alexa will list off the latest jobs that are in or around that city. This skill is meant to help job seekers learn the latest available job opportunities near them to jump start their job search. 

  1. Find remote job opportunities: “Alexa, open Remote Jobs.” 

This skill helps job seekers find work from home opportunities throughout various industries. By simply selecting a job type, Alexa will list off the latest remote job opportunities. If you hear one that sparks your interest, ask Alexa to read the job details and description to learn more. 

  1. Hear from professionals about their career: “Alexa, open My Career Fit.”

My Career Fit allows students and job seekers to search for careers and hear directly from employers, recruiters, and CEO’s. They can share personal experiences, company culture, and what it’s truly like to work for that company. Students can also ask to hear about job opportunities in specific locations. 

  1. Prepare for Interviews: “Alexa, open Interview Prep.”

Alexa can help candidates prepare for tough interview questions with Interview Prep. This skill has hundreds of questions that are specific to a variety of industries and positions. You can also ask for interview tips. The list of tips and questions will be available in the app if you’d like to go back and review them later. 

  1. Learn a new language: “Alexa, teach me a language.”

Alexa can teach you the language of your choice. If you’re taking a Spanish class and need some extra help, or plan to visit a new country and want to learn some common phrases, Alexa is the perfect teacher. With the Daily Dose skill, students can access “Word of the Day” and “Daily Audio Lessons”. By saying “Alexa, Spanish word by daily dose,” you can learn a new word every day. Alexa will provide its meaning and use it in an example sentence to help you better understand. Daily Audio Lessons are 15-minute-long audio lessons that are taught by professionals. They’ll say a practical conversation in another language and then translate and explain it in English. 

  1. Listen to audiobooks: “Alexa, read my book (book title).”

Alexa devices can read audio books, provide new book recommendations, and purchase new ones just for you. This is a helpful tool for students since they can listen to their books being read aloud while simultaneously taking notes. Students can tell Alexa to pause, skip chapters, or reread previous ones. 

  1. Play podcasts: “Alexa, play my podcast (name of podcast).”

Alexa devices use the built-in radio app to play the newest episodes from your favorite podcasts. Students can start new podcasts, subscribe to their favorites, and listen to specific episodes. 

  1. Create a to-do list: “Alexa, add (new task) to my to-do list.”

College students often have a lot on their plate and are forced to multitask throughout their day which makes it easy to get distracted and lose sight of priorities. When new pressing matters pop in your head, simply say this command and Alexa will remember it for you. When you need to access your list, simply open your app to read them or have Alexa read them out loud for you.  

  1. Set timers and alarms: “Alexa, set a timer for 45 minutes.” 

Alexa is a great time manager. She can set early morning alarms, timers for study breaks, and keep track of assignment due dates. This device can also be integrated with your calendar to remind you of appointments and schedule new ones. These are all great ways to stay on task and use your time effectively which is one of the most important skills to maintain in college. 

  1. Get updated on your announcements: “Alexa, read my notifications.” 

Alexa can read your notifications including emails and texts and respond to them. Alexa can also connect with your education technology skill provider like Blackboard, Canvas, or Infinite Campus. Once these are linked, Alexa can read university announcements and class updates, so you never miss an important notification. 

  1. Access your GradLeaders Career Center Platform and School’s Job Board: “Alexa, open GradLeaders.”

Alexa can now access your GradLeaders account so you can receive quick voice-prompt updates on upcoming activities, company events, and new job postings. This allows students to easily connect with their advisors and employers, or learn about new job postings and internships without ever having to click a button.  Just log in to your GradLeaders Career Center platform to link your account today.